Title: Country road lined with cottonwood
Artist Kathrin Ziegler
This photo represents line because of the road lines. I thought it represented it very well because of the foreground and the backround. The bright colored trees and the blue sky make the two lines pop out. Also the cottonwood makes the yellow in the lines really stand out.

Title: Egg- Sunny side up
Artist: Letlcla Delboy
This photo represents shape because its in a star. I picked this photo because I thought it really goes good with the represtation of shape. The egg is so in focus and its in a perfect star shape.

Title: Senior couple on lounge chairs at poolside overlooking the ocean
Photographer: Robert Nicholas
This picture represents value because of the value you get in the foreground, middle ground, and back round. The two chairs have a design in them so the value really pops out. he water makes the backround fade out which really makes you look at the ocean.
Title: Purple crushed Eyeshadow Pigment
Artist: Shana Novak
This picture represents texture because the way the eyeshadow is scattered. It gives you a rough texture almost like theres rocks of eyeshadow because of the crushing. The two colors really bring out the texture.
Title: German Paper Stars
Photographer: Daltozen
This photo is in a form which catches your eye. All the different colors are arranged to look at the form that the stars are in. The texture of this picture almost makes me want to touch one of the stars because of the pointed edges. It really pops out at you.
Title: CMYK printing ink
Artist: Don Farrall
This photo really represents color because not only is there four different colors in this photo but there in 3-D. It really makes you want to jump into this picture and just touch all the different colors. It looks like splattered paints.
Title: Dramatic clouds floating in a cerulean blue sky and lit by a late afternoon sun
Photographer: Joseph Shields
This picture I found represents space because of the way the clouds are arranged. By the movement of them it creates little spaces in which the sky is able to show. It has different textures and really represents alot.